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Dereham Neatherd High School

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School Nutrition Action Group  

Neatherd is currently in the process of renewing our Food for Life Gold Award. This award is a real privilege to have as it collectively represents all of the hard work that students and staff put in to making Neatherd a community hub for promoting healthy lifestyles.

SO far this year the School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) has visited three local farms and businesses to help pupils further their knowledge of where food comes from. The SNAG team meets every week to plan events, organise the allotment and polytunnel and promote the awareness of the work we do within school to get home-grown crops into meals in the canteen.

After our recruitment assembly this September we now have over 30 regular members of the group which is our largest yet! We aim to continue to encourage as many new members as possible to join our lively bunch. Our aim is to help promote a healthy school in more ways than one.

Cook Club is again proving highly popular, with many keen ‘petits-chefs’ enjoying the challenges of this year’s weekly recipes. Mr Taylor and Miss Patterson continue to provide fantastic support to these budding Jamies & Nigellas. The term’s first FFL Cook-Off, with a Spanish Tapas twist, took place just before half term. Our next planned competition will be the Christmas bake off, an opportunity for pupils to bake last minute presents for family and friends!

The Canteen has continued to entice pupils and staff with a number of delicious, home cooked meals at dinner time. This has meant that the number of students enjoying school meals is increasing, which our school is keen to encourage! After half term, we are hoping to celebrate National Roast Dinner Day with members of the community thanks to Chef Graeme and his enthusiastic team. The school kitchen continues to work towards Gold Food for Life standards, ensuring that its produce is as local and as organic as can be.

Gardening club have also been busy at work! We had a successful potato and pumpkin harvest this fall which saw us win the best quality potato category in a local school competition hosted by Solana Seeds. We currently have wintering lettuce and onion planted which should be ready for tasting in the Spring. The polytunnel is being divided up into six sections, the SNAG team has been subdivided into teams to produce the largest and most varied amount of food in their area. Healthy competition is going to raise everyone’s gardening skills, which means more food for the canteen!

There is always exciting things happening with our SNAG group and we aim to continue our hard work with the Food for Life Partnership and eventually working towards a more prestigious Eco-School award. Parents are always welcome to help out with our many activities just watch this space!