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Pricing information for parents and carers

We are acutely aware of the financial costs of sending children to school such as uniforms, sports kits, learning resources and other items. A good school will always offer opportunities for its students to go on school trips and educational holidays. These need to be budgeted for well in advance of the events, especially in these 'times of austerity'.

With this in mind, this post is to let our Neatherd families know about:
1. What trips will be taking place, and for whom, and when
2. The approximate financial outlay required

Often, school children are well aware of the difficulties we face in meeting such costs, and will purposefully hide any letters or information about trips from their parents to save them the disappointment.

Therefore the third aim of this post is to let you make your own decisions with as much forewarning as possible. Please note these prices are rough, and will not include the extras like spending money, suitable clothes, bags etc.

In Year 7 the main trip is to Normandy in France during July's Curriculum Enhancement Week. Approximately half the year group usually go. They stay in a chateau and visit local touristic sites, practise their French with locals in towns and markets and so on. The cost of this trip is approximately £380.

There are other smaller trips, to Norfolk coast with geography in November for example, which costs £6.50. As this is part of their curriculum, these minor trips all incur 'voluntary payments' without which the courses could not run. For children who do not go to France, we offer a range of daily activities and excursions e.g. to Africa Alive.

In Year 8 the main 'big trip' is an outward bounds camping trip to Bramley Lakes in Horsford in north Norwich. This 'Neatherd institution' is run by the PE department and involves abseiling, climbing, raft building and so on. This costs £140 and takes place in the CE Week in July 2018. Year 8 will also go on a geography day field trip to Wroxham in March, which includes a boat trip for £11.

In Year 9 the 'big trip' is with history to the WWI battlefields of Belgium and France. This 4-day trip is approximately £280 and the deposit of £50 will be due in October. Usually between 30 and 50 students go out on this trip.

Also in Year 9, preparations are made for a geography trip in Year 10 to Iceland. This is for students who choose GCSE geography, and is quite a big cost of £950 payable by the end of Year 9.

Sporting students in Years 9 and 10 who enjoy football or netball get the opportunity to go to a trip to Barcelona, playing against Catalan school teams. The approximate cost of this is £500.

The Neatherd Ski Trip is for years 10 and 11. As this is an expensive trip, costing £850, payments begin with a deposit in Year 9 in March.

There are other, smaller, trips out of course, such as to castles and museums, and the odd excursion to London for the Science Museum, or to Harry Potter World for media, but we hope this (long) post will help you make the decisions which are the best ones for you and your situation.