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SNAG Update

This year the School Nutrition Action Group had an extensive harvest of 40 kg of potatoes (which we won best yield and variety for),, 50 kg of tomatoes, as well 5kg of chilies, 7 pumpkins reaching up to 1.5 foot wide, Not to mention the 20, foot long marrows. More recently, we harvested Lettuce and garlic cloves. Things that weren’t given away to staff students or SNAG members were presented to the canteen and will be in the very food you eat at lunchtime. With all of the help from the community, we have gained a potting shed which has now been put up. We hope to have an even better year now, with all our new, hardworking Year 7 and 8s students.

If you would like to get involved in supporting the SNAG group, you could come to the “Community Dig event” which takes place on Thursday, 18th October between 10.00am – 12.30pm
Please bring a spade and helping hands along on Thursday morning.

For Press Gang and SNAG
Clarissa Huxley, Year 9