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Presentations Day 2016 - Criteria for the awards

Attitude to Learning
The ATL awards are weighted to favour students who have more '1' grades than any other. '1' is what we want all students, regardless of ability, to aim for - give their absolute best - in every subject. Naturally, we weight it against students with '4' grades. This means that students with more ‘1’ grades than others are more likely to get the awards. Consequently, the vast majority of students have overall ATL scores ranging from fair to good. We have a cut-off for this award to ensure that the very best ATL scores reap rewards. Therefore, there will be some children who feel disappointed. A child may be good across the year and not get an award, this is not to take away from their efforts - there are simply more students who have more '1' grades on their reports over the year. To ensure a last-minute improvement before rewards doesn't skew things, we also use a mean measure over the whole year.

  • Students need to demonstrate excellent ATL all year.
  • It is worked out by a ‘mean ATL balance score’.
  • There is a cut-off point between 40 and 50 students. This means the top quartile of the year gets the award.

As for progress, we measure the 'value added' (educational term for improvement) since their baseline tests at the beginning of the year. That is, if a student started on a 7D (7 meaning year group) and finished on a 7C - the value added is 1. This gives a total overall V.A. from which the highest 40 or so students are taken. The highest VA scores are in the mid-teens. In Year 10, the progress awards are based on the “Progress 8” forecasts which measure how much as student has moved on from when they ended KS2.

  • Progress is a measure which is fair for all – students of all abilities can demonstrate excellent

Homework awards are decided by the teachers after discussion of what really stood out. Two or
three per subject per year.

Best in subject awards are also chosen by the subject teams after lengthy discussions (and often arguments). These include attainment, love for the subject, enthusiasm and being an ambassador. Two per subject per year.

Attendance awards are derived from the data monitored by the Attendance Office at Neatherd.

Headteacher’s Awards are given for the highest attaining student in the year.

Governors’ Community Awards – chosen by all staff – one per year.

Deputy Headteachers’ awards – best progress or best homework – one student each per year.

There are a lot of figures that go behind the scenes, which to be honest go nowhere near telling the real story of every child. We have made the awards more exclusive in recent years, while keeping them achievable by all.

Excellence in both progress and attitude to learning is something all students should aim towards, and can achieve, regardless of ability or past successes.