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Neatherd High School students get the chance to vote in their own “General elections”

Neatherd High School has had a really exciting two weeks with students engaging with politics and deciding to run their own general election. Interest has been high, particularly from those who already attend the school’s debate club. Party leaders have been working hard with their advisors to prepare for a hustings on Tuesday and Wednesday during assembly time, where they attempted to win voters for the election on Thursday 8th June. The school have representatives from the Labour party, the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats and the Green party. There will be some “real life” polling stations at the Neatherd election on Thursday, manned by staff, so all pupils can cast their votes. Party members have been campaigning during break and lunch times for the past two weeks, handing out leaflets and talking to potential voters - and there is hope for a large turnout on election day!

The dedication towards this election from students has been inspiring. Such interest in politics in these young people gives us hope for the future”, says Joseph Cannon, Head of Society & Ethics department and organiser of the hustings. “It was interesting to see that it was mainly girls who were interested in taking part in the election debates.

“I think it is important that you start being interested in Politics from a young age as it is all about the future of our country,” says Robyn Moore, aged 13, “and people need to understand what politics are about.”  “Politics are a crucial part of our lives,” says Holly Gibson who was representing the Labour Party, “if you know about politics now you won’t fall into wormholes in the future when you are able to vote.”  She enjoyed showing her “powerful side” and liked to demonstrated that women can do politics as well as men.