Dereham Neatherd High School

Dereham Neatherd High School

Traditional, Inclusive, Supportive

Life at Neatherd

Over the last couple of days we managed to capture a “typical school day at Neatherd”, from “chilling and reading” in the library before the start of the school, to work in lesson, children eating their lunches to loads of activities in lunchtime clubs – there is always a lot on at Neatherd. Year 7s were busy dissecting chicken in science, practising their French pronunciations and discussing the size of Roman houses. Mr Foulger and his Year 7 history class were creating a pupil representation of the Feudal System which William the Conqueror used to control England. It was all about bananas in Mr Humphreys' Year 8 geography lessons when the pupils created a development game.

Year 9 tucked into Chicken Nuggets which they expertly created in their Food Technology lessons, making sure to check that they had the right temperature before consuming. Another Year 9 class monitored volcanos around the world and analysed which ones are still active. It was interesting to see Year 10s starting their clay work in Art lessons and they got stuck in, designing their pumpkins ready for Hallowe'en. Mr Mayhew’s Year 10 history class held group discussions and Mrs Holmes was very pleased with her Year 10 class, delivering their oral essay presentations – quite a lot of confidence needed to talk in front of the whole class.

Some good work could be observed by our seniors – in English Year 11 spent time analysing “An Inspector Calls” by preparing group posters, Mr Gibson kept his class busy with some tricky programming work – it looked very complicated indeed! Mr Smith and Miss Powell-Bowns helped their Yr11 group with some important graph work for their geography controlled assessments.

It was busy at lunchtime with several lunchtime clubs, from music, textiles, STEM to Boys Dance Club, rugby and hockey. Most children spent their lunchtimes outside and enjoyed the sunshine, hopefully we will be able to enjoy many more of those before the wet weather arrives.

Mrs Broughton