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Year 9 FLD Science trip

16th October 2019

Dear Parent or Carer,

Year 9 Flexible Learning Day trip to the Natural History Museum, London, Wednesday 20th November

The science department is delighted to be able to offer an extra-curricular trip to the Natural History Museum in London on Wednesday 20th November. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to study some of the topics they will be examined on in their GCSEs. We believe it will help your child enjoy linking scientific observations to theory, thus developing and nurturing their scientific curiosity and help improve their grades. There will be opportunities to view the many exhibits and features, which make the trip such an enjoyable occasion, as always it promises to be a fantastic day.

We intend to leave at 6:00am.  Students should arrive promptly at 5.45am and congregate inside the school in their allocated area. It is very important that they are fully prepared for their day at the museum, so a packed lunch is required. They will need to be in their normal school uniform and school shoes.  Students may bring their mobile phones and some spending money, and as always, students are responsible for their safekeeping. We hope to return to the school at about 6.00pm. Please be aware, due to the nature of traffic in and around London, delays and later arrivals are unfortunately common.

We ask for a parental contribution of £20.00 per pupil towards the cost of transport to and from London. Payments should be made via our on-line system, ParentPay by Monday 4th November at the latest, but those choosing not to use this system should make cheques payable to Dereham Neatherd High School and taken to the Finance Office during Thursday morning break (11.10am-11.25am) only and by Monday 4th November at the latest.  (Note Thursday is the only day we can receive cheque payments.  Please bear this in mind when meeting deadlines). We recognise that some families may appreciate assistance with the funding for this visit and would ask you to contact me at the school if this is the case.

In response to LEA guidelines regarding Educational Visits and Journeys, we require consent for your child to take part in this visit.  For this trip consent can be given via your ParentPay account.  If you are unable to use your ParentPay account to give consent or parental contribution, a paper copy of the consent form is available from Mrs Wakefield in the Data/Exams office.  Any paper copies will need completing, signing and returning to the Data/Exams office by Monday 4th November at the latestPlease note that your son/daughter will not be able to take part in this trip unless consent is completed in full via either on ParentPay or by paper form and returned by the closure date.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Covington

Head of physics