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Year 8 Bramley Lakes Trip - July 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Year 8 Bramley Lakes Trip – July 2018

Our Curriculum Enhancement week takes place from 9th-13th July 2018.  During this week we would like all Year 8 pupils to have a residential experience at an outdoor education centre - this would help to promote social responsibility, awareness of and respect for the environment, and the realisation of the individual’s capabilities.  We will be based at Bramley Lakes Outdoor Centre, which has extensive specialist facilities, fully qualified staff, and is situated near Norwich.  Pupils stay at the centre for 2½ days where the activities include abseiling, climbing, raft building, archery, zip wire, canoeing, low ropes and 2 nights camping.  At Bramley Lakes, food is provided as well as all specialist equipment. 

The remaining 2½ days will be spent on school based activities such as Initiative tests and 10-Pin Bowling.  The total cost will be £150.  This includes food, transport, accommodation, equipment, specialist staff and entrance to the bowling.  A deposit of £30 reserves a place for your child and bookings/equipment will be made on the basis of this.  Please be advised that anyone withdrawing after this will lose their deposit.

Outdoor Activities trips can be hazardous if pupils can’t behave.  A pupil cannot be taken if there is any evidence that a pupil would be a danger to themselves and/or others.  A borderline pupil (e.g. they may already be on stage 3 of the sanctions policy) may only be accepted following an interview with parents.  A written agreement that parents will fund & organise an early return from the trip if conduct gives cause for concern will be required and other conditions may be set.

After making an initial deposit, if a pupil’s behaviour then deteriorates, prior to the trip, they could then be barred from going.  We feel all parents should be aware of this before applying for this trip.  Pupils not going on this trip will have a programme on the school site.  Further details will follow to advise on other requirements.

Please return the reply slip attached by 19th February.

Please note that a ‘NIL’ reply is required if you do not wish your child to go (Please tick option ‘B’)

To make paying easier, we have set out a payment schedule below:

A deposit of £30 for Bramley Lakes will be due by Friday 9th February

The second deposit for Bramley Lakes will be due by 19th March (£30)

The third payment for Bramley Lakes will be due by 19th April (£30)

The fourth payment for Bramley Lakes will be due by 19th May (£30)

The final payment for Bramley Lakes will be due by 19th June (£30)

In accordance with the school’s charging policy please complete the reply slip below.

Payments should be made via our on-line system, ParentPay, but those choosing not to use this system should make cheques payable to Dereham Neatherd High School and take to the payment collection area (outside Business 1) by the dates indicated above during Thursday morning break (11.10am -11.25am) only.   (Note this is the only day we can receive cheque payments (Please bear this in mind when meeting deadlines).

Yours sincerely

N Miller (Head of P.E.)