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Year 11 interviews

Dear parents and carers

As already previously informed, most of our Year 11 will be taking part in a mock job interview with a business professional in order to make them feel less nervous about their future job and college interviews. These interviews will take place next week, on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November. This opportunity will involve your child experiencing a 15-minute formal interview with one of our many colleagues from the world of work. Students have selected a position / job sector they would like to be interviewed for and completed an application form.

Interview Day is an opportunity for the students to practise for a future job and college interview. Past students have reported that they found the mock interviews very beneficial as they felt more confident when attending their “real” interviews. The interviewers will give the students some feedback on their interview manners, appearance and the quality of their application document. There is no need for our students to be nervous about the process as the interviewers come in to help our students and to support them.

Pupils are expected to treat the occasion in a professional manner. To prepare themselves for the interview students should consider the following:

a) Have an idea of some questions they may be asked about their selected job and have some questions ready to ask the employer, i.e. necessary qualifications / working hours etc. Students are allowed to bring a prompt card to the interview.

b) How to make an impression e.g. looking the part, positive body language, good manners.

We ask the students to dress appropriately for the day as if they were attending a real interview, for example a suit/smart jacket and trousers for the boys and a suit/jacket and skirt for the girls, it is not necessary though to purchase new clothing just for this event. It would also be acceptable to wear school uniform on the day. We would like to suggest that short skirts, skinny trousers and very high heels are not acceptable clothes for a job interview.

Please note that we will have many business professionals helping with the event from many different job sectors, but we won't be able to cover every single job field. Your child will be matched up with the interviewer closest to their selected job field. We also have got some "all-rounders" who can interview for any job - the experience is more about the interview process rather than giving in depth Careers advice.

If you have got any queries regarding the format of the days, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Broughton at school.