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Year 11 Revision Advice

Dear parent/carer,

As you know, the mock exams for Year 11s start next week. This can be a stressful time and our English and maths departments offer support and guidance inside and outside of lessons.

We know that, sometimes, parents and students choose to get some extra help via external tutors and other specialists. Whilst we do not advocate this in any way, and firmly believe we should be able to offer all the support your child needs within school, we fully respect parents’ decisions in this matter. We would, however, encourage external tutors to get in touch with our English and maths teachers to make sure they know which exam board and specifications are being covered at Neatherd and what the student’s greatest areas of need are. This ensures that school, tutors, parents and students are all working together and focusing on the areas of study that will make the greatest difference to each student’s grades.

Students are always welcome to come and see their teachers to ask for help and additional revision resources, and there are silent study rooms available for Year 11s in geography 2 and geography 3. Form tutors are also on hand to help with creating revision timetables and improving revision techniques and I emailed all students in year 11 with revision advice.

Thank you,

Miss J Cross

Head of Year 11