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Trialing of new behaviour system

Dear Parents/Carers,

As a school we are hugely proud of the excellent behaviour and conduct shown by our pupils and this is due to the support you as parents provide to us and your children.

From 17th June 2019 until the end of the summer term (24th July) we will be trialing an adjustment to our behaviour system. You may or may not be aware that we currently have a "2 warnings system" in place for poor behaviour in a lesson by a pupil, it isn't until the 3rd indiscretion that results in a sanction being put in place and a 4th indiscretion resulting in a higher level sanction.

Based on feedback from staff, pupils parents and also from visiting other schools, we have decided to move to a single warning which will mean a 2nd indiscretion will result in a sanction and a 3rd to a higher level sanction. The sanctions themselves will remain the same but this will just mean that those pupils who disturb the learning of others will receive a sanction quicker than before. The aim is to further improve the learning environment for the majority of our pupils. At the end of the summer term we will then decide if this is a permanent change and thus will update our behaviour policy accordingly.

All pupils have already been made aware of this trial via their form tutors, but we would appreciate you discussing it with them also.

We thank you in advance for your support with this adjustment.

Yours sincerely

Miss S Manning

Assistant Headteacher