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Travel Passes for School Transport

This year we will not be delivering passes to schools for them to distribute to their current year 7-10 students. All passes for September 2015 onwards will be sent direct to students' homes, and students will start to receive them from 1 August.

The passes will look very different to current passes - they will be more like a credit card and therefore more hard-wearing. They will also be smart-enabled, ready to be able to be used smartly on electronic ticket machines as we roll out this technology to all buses.

We have already trialled school smartcards at Wymondham High Academy and Thorpe St Andrew School and this has proved to be very beneficial in terms of understanding who is travelling and on which bus, and we have also been able to introduce a disruption messaging service, where schools, parents and students can be informed by email of any delays to the school transport.

More details will be sent to schools when it is their turn to 'go live' with smart travel.

In the meantime it would be really helpful if you could inform students and families who receive free travel to expect their new travel pass during the summer holidays. For students who pay, their pass
will be sent 5-10 days after we have received payment.

For any further queries please call 0344 800 8020.

Niki Park
Commissioning & Client Services Manager, Highways & Transport, Community & Environmental Services , Norfolk County Council.