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Ski & Snowboard Trip February 2018 Payment Schedule

Dear Parent/Carer,

Ski & Snowboard trip February 2018

Thank you for your first deposit towards the Ski/Snowboard Trip.  All times will be confirmed by the travel company in due course, but we shall be leaving on Friday 9th February and returning on Saturday 17th February 2017. 

As far as payments are concerned, we have found from past experience that a monthly payment plan facilitates matters considerably.  This is not only for us, who have to pay regular instalments to the travel company, but also for yourselves who are not suddenly faced with paying a large lump sum. 

Payments can be made via your ParentPay account.  Those not using ParentPay should make cheques payable to 'Dereham Neatherd High School’ with the pupil's name written on the back, and taken to the payment collection area (outside Business 1) by the dates indicated below.  Payments can only be made during Thursday morning break (11:10am – 11:25 am).

We would appreciate it if you could adhere strictly to the timetable given below, particularly the final payment date: 

Date                                                                                    Amount

Deposit by March 20th                                                             £200 (= £200)

By April 22nd                                                                                                    £100 (= £300)

By May 19th                                                                            £100 (= £400)

By June 20th                                                                                                    £100 (= £500)

By July 19th                                                                             £100 (= £600)

By September 19th                                                                 £100 (= £700)

By October 19th (+£15 [£188] for snowboarders)                  £173 (= £873)

The first deposit goes to the Travel Company and then cannot be refunded.  Any one dropping out for medical reasons will need to claim from the medical insurance (a doctor's letter is needed).  This policy has a small excess fee.

As part of our risk assessment there is a Parents evening this November, which I request that all parents attend (7pm – 8:15pm).  This isn’t just for information but also for you to support accompanying staff with our rules and regulations for what is a high risk trip.    

We also need 2 photographs of passport size & quality, with name printed clearly on the back of each photograph, for identity cards and tour operator’s reference files.  These should be handed in to Mr Miller in the P.E. Office by the 20th April 2017.  

Yours sincerely,

Mr. N. Miller

Head of P.E (Party leader)