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Sexting, Self-Esteem and Young People

Sexting is an increasingly common activity among young people. Although few teens openly admit to having engaged in sexting or the sharing or nude or nearly nude photos via mobile phone or internet, there were 1,200 Childline counselling sessions that mentioned sexting last year in the UK.

Sexting appears to be associated with being sexually active and engaging in risky behaviour. Teens who sext also appear less likely to have high self-esteem and more likely to use alcohol and soft drugs. Girls have been found more likely to sext than boys.

At Neatherd, we are committed to raising awareness with our young people on this issue. We have organised some staff training on Wednesday 7th October at 4pm with Josie Wells from Norfolk Healthy Schools. We would also like to invite parents who are interested in this issue to attend if they are able. This will be on a first come, first served basis and the session will last until 5.15pm. Please contact Mr O’Brien through or leave a message via reception to book your place. The session will be aimed mainly for teaching staff but the trainer is aware that some parents may come and has tailored the session as such.

If you can’t make the session but are interested in the topic and want advice on how to keep your child safe, I like the information on the following link

Mr O’Brien

Assistant Headteacher in charge of Attendance, Behaviour and Safeguarding