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Rules about wearing Fitbits

Dear parents and carers

There are an increasing number of students wearing Fitbits in school. Though we appreciate that it is good to be aware of being active for health and fitness reasons, they are an electronic device that can be a distraction to learning. Fitbits receive notifications from mobile phones about calls made to the phone, and it is for this reason that we ask that Fitbits are not to be worn in school. The rules for Fitbits are the same as for mobile phones. Please see below extract from the school’s behaviour policy:

Mobile phones and electronic devices – (includes smart watches)

Mobile phones and electronic devices are a distraction from learning and therefore not permitted to be used in school.

Mobile phones that are seen or heard in the school are confiscated and only parents can collect them on the following school day.

Obviously Fitbits can be worn to and from school, and in some PE lessons if deemed safe to do so and if told explicitly by the teacher that it is acceptable to do so.

Many thanks for your support.