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Reward system for students

Dear parents / carers,

We know that adjusting to remote learning presents challenges for our students – as well as for parents and teachers – and we are committed to doing all we can to support and encourage our young people as they engage with learning in a new way. For this reason, we will be operating a simplified version of our usual rewards system during school closure.

Students will be rewarded with five housepoints every time they complete an assignment on google classroom. If they do really well on a quiz, complete work to a very high standard or show significant improvement, teachers will reward them with ten housepoints. Where a student has gone above and beyond and exceeded expectations, they will be rewarded with twenty five housepoints.

We love seeing the wonderful things Neatherd students have been doing to support their families and communities. Please continue sharing these on our Facebook page and we will reward students’ community spirit with housepoints.

As usual, students will be able to spend housepoints in the ‘success shop’ when we return to school and, if it proves necessary, we will carry housepoints over into the next academic year. We are working on a way to have some elements of the success shop available during school closure and will be in touch to let you know how this will work once we have it up and running.

Yours sincerely

Mrs H Holmes

Acting Assistant Headteacher