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Religious studies GCSE

Dear parent/carer,

Further to our letter earlier this year regarding the restructuring of the year 10 society and ethics curriculum, we would like to formally begin teaching the religious studies GCSE separately from designated society and ethics lessons at either lunchtime or after school.

We will begin teaching one extra lesson per week after Easter; the extra lesson will be for the remainder of this year, with students who opt to take the religious studies GCSE being placed in an examination class from year 11. Therefore those who choose to continue with the GCSE course must attend the extra twilight lesson once per week, until the end of this academic year. When your child begins their studies in year 11, their society and ethics class will consist of all students who have chosen to take the religious studies examination.

Please fill in the form below, stating your child’s name, and whether they would prefer being taught at either lunchtime or after school. This form only needs to be returned if your child wishes to continue studying the religious studies GCSE.

Once your child has committed to attending an extra lesson, they must attend. If they fail to attend, it will be considered the same as non-attendance of any other lesson and the same sanctions will apply.

All forms must be returned to Mr Cannon by Friday 23rd March, 3.30pm. Any student that has not returned their form by this time will not be entered into the religious studies GCSE.

Parents with any queries about this GCSE, or the right course of action for their children, can get in touch with me for further discussion, via office@neatherd.org.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J Cannon

Head of society and ethics

Reply slip – please return to Mr Cannon as soon as possible and by 23rd March

Child’s name:______________________________________________

My child would like to attend a lunchtime lesson once per week

My child would like to attend an after school lesson once per week

Parent’s signature:__________________________________________