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Please read if your child rides a bike to Neatherd

Dear parents and carers

Recently we have had an increase in the number of reports from the local community about the manner in which pupils are cycling to and from our school. It seems that pupils are often behaving in an unsafe manner and putting themselves and drivers at risk.

As a school we will be speaking to all pupils about this as well as already having staff walk along Norwich Road before and after school. Pupils who are deemed cycling in an unsafe manner will be sanctioned and parents contacted.

As parents/carers please can we ask that you address this concern with your child? It is often the case that pupils who would normally behave in a sensible and safe manner have a tendency to take risks if cycling in a group - and we do not want this to result in anyone being hurt. There are a large number of pupils who do not wear a helmet thus the risk of injury, if they do fall off, could be increased so encouraging your child to wear a helmet would also be appreciated.

Thank you for your time

Best wishes

Miss S Manning