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Dereham Neatherd High School

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Overdue Library Books

Dear Parent/carer,

Reminders have been sent out to students who have overdue library books. At present we have over 400 books that are overdue and despite several previous reminders through form time and library lessons students are unfortunately still 'forgetting' to return their books. With the amount of books overdue it has impacted on providing a poor service to your children where popular books are not available to borrow. With this in mind I am requesting your help and support in encouraging your child to return their books on time.

All overdue books MUST be returned by this Friday 4th November- any that are still overdue by more than four weeks will have a charge of £6.50 placed on your Parent Pay account which will remain in place until either the book is returned or charge has been paid to replace the missing book. Your child may also find that they will not be able to borrow a book from the school library until the book is returned which may hinder their progress and pleasure of reading.

Students are allowed to borrow up to three books for a loan period of two weeks and can be renewed after this period should the need arise. Any books that are lost or damaged must be replaced.

Thank you in advance for your help in returning our book shelves to their full glory providing a wide and varied collection of fantastic fiction and interesting non-fiction books.

Kind Regards

Mrs L. Gill