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New Term 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer holiday. Please can we remind you about a few points, prior to Thursday:

As usual, photographs will be taken on the first day back, in the Canteen and Drama Studio. If you wish your children to have family photographs taken, please ensure that they are at the Drama Studio by 8.20am on Thursday.

Curriculum Handbooks for the forthcoming academic year are now on the school web site (here (

Finally, please could we remind you about the requirement for astro-turf boots to enable your child to use the 3G pitch (the previous message, sent last April, is replicated below).

Many thanks

Dear Parents/Carers

In order to maximise the life expectancy of the new artificial grass astro-turf pitch that has been recently installed at Neatherd High School, it has been recommended by the manufacturers that only certain types of footwear should be worn on the surface. Since we started using the amazing new facility we have allowed pupils to wear flat trainers as they had been unable to get hold of the recommended footwear. However, this unfortunately cannot be something that we continue to allow as it will gradually have an effect on the wear and tear of the surface.

To allow the pitch to maintain its great quality, it has therefore been decided that from the start of the new academic year, September 2015, that we will only allow the recommended footwear to be worn on this facility. This in turn will also ensure the safety of the pupils and maximise the opportunities available for them to learn and make progress by ensuring they are fully included within every lesson.

Norfolk County Council’s Physical Education Health and Safety policy is written in accordance with the National Association of Physical Education (NfPE), as such we are directed to follow their guidance. The NfPE state “It is important that teachers check to ensure footwear has the required specification and provides the necessary support for safe participation” (Safe Practice in Physical Eduction and Sport 2012, 2.3.26, 27). To ensure further safety we obviously need to keep the surface safe and this happens by following manufacturer recommendations. These suggest that in order to maintain the quality of the surface, only moulded plastic studs or astro-turf trainers should be worn. They also state that the surface should not be inflicted by metal studs, bladed football boots or flat footwear that will cause the turf to cut up or flatten over the course of time. It is also recommended that the footwear worn on the facility is free from mud and dirt as this will contaminate the materials and cause the pitch to wear.

We hope that you will support us in the introduction of this system by ensuring your son/daughter has the correct footwear to be worn upon this surface. Please do not hesitate to contact the PE Department if you wish to discuss this matter further as we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely

Mr C Barron

PE Department.