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Dear parent/carer

I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times.

As you probably know, the school may be officially closed but we have remained open for the children of some critical workers and also some of our vulnerable youngsters. Staff have been in each day supporting the learning and activities of these children so that their parents can keep doing their essential jobs during this crisis. The Neatherd staff have been amazing in keeping everything going as well as doing their best in these early days of closure to ensure that pupils have work to complete and support them with this.

As you will know we are currently contacting every Neatherd family for a quick check-in to see how the children are and what we might be able to do to help further in anyway. Please bear with us as this is nearly 1200 families!

Easter Holidays

We have decided that officially the Easter holidays will begin tomorrow, Thursday 2nd April, as this brings us in line with other Norfolk schools and this is a time when we may need to be working closer together to provide childcare for critical worker children. This means that the official start of summer term is Monday 20th April.

The closure work we have set does not cover the Easter holidays as this would normally be a time when school work stops including homework. However we understand that the break could feel longer than normal having already had an extra week and a half off and with the likelihood of no normal school to return to. We will therefore send out some additional ideas for activities to do over the holiday in the hope they will relieve a little boredom here and there.

After Easter

As mentioned, we do not anticipate any return to normal after the Easter holidays. Therefore work will continue at home.

We are currently working on a clearer plan for the longer term setting and monitoring of school work. We are aware that not every family will have access to limitless technology to complete work and so while we will continue to use NSIX as a platform to help the setting and submitting of work, this will not be the only method.

As soon as we have finalised all of our plans we will be in contact with you as well as your children (via NSIX emails).

Attendance over Easter

We will be open over the Easter holidays for children of critical workers and have a list of those people who have requested places. If your child is not currently attending but you are a critical worker then you may be entitled to a place. Please contact attendance@neatherd.org clearly stating your child’s name, your name, your place of work and your job title. However please remember that places should only be requested when there is no alternative safe arrangement.

Staying in touch

If you haven’t already done so, please do stay in touch with what’s happening at the school and get updates regarding all sorts of information by visiting our Facebook page.

If you would like to contact the school for any further support or advice then please email office@neatherd.org

I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support.

Please take care.

Chris Smith
Neatherd High School