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Maths and Science set changes

Changes to maths and science sets

Every year the curriculum structure and timetable are re-evaluated in order to ensure maximum benefit for all students. This year we have decided that we are able to give the best possible timetable to the school by pairing science and mathematics in a block. This enables greater freedom over distribution of classes and allows us to avoid paired/split teaching and/or multiple lessons for a subject more effectively.

This does mean that setting in both the science and mathematics classes will now be linked in Year 10 and that there will be some changes made to the current groups students have been taught in. We have worked hard and used all information available to make changes that enable all students to achieve their best potential.

In both subjects, students who are in set 1 or 2 will follow the higher scheme of work to enter the higher paper at GCSE.

In maths, students in set 3 will be targeted at grades 3-5, the groups will be looking at content from both papers with a decision on entry to be made after the Year 10 Mock Exams. Students in set 4 will be set work targeting the foundation papers.

In science, students in set 1 will be following the triple science course and all other sets the combined science course. There is still an opportunity for determined students who are not in set 1 to move up later in the year. However, they would need to commit to working extra in order to catch up. In set 2, a child will still be leaving us with two GCSEs, with the potential to get grade 9s in both, and this is perfectly acceptable for progression to A Level and other post-16 courses. In Set 3 students are carefully assessed for the appropriate tier of entry, while set 4 students would be entered for the foundation tier. Therefore, no child should be disadvantaged by this blocking model.

We will continue to plan and deliver top quality lessons to all students, regardless of any changes made.

Please contact us should you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely

Mr C. Daniels                                                                          Mr J. Scahill
Subject Leader Maths                                                            Subject Leader Science