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Maths Revision Guides

Dear Parents/Carers,

GCSE Maths Revision guides

As a school we are usually able to buy revision guides more cheaply than you can. Therefore I am offering you the opportunity to buy a Maths revision guide and workbook to aid your child’s revision. We have found in the past that those pupils who do buy a revision guide and workbook are more successful in their exams.

There are 2 different packages to choose from, but they all cost the same. The cost of the revision guide and workbook is £5.30 in total.

The two choices are:Foundation Tier revision guide and workbook (for sets 3 and 4)

Higher Tier revision guide and workbook (for sets 1 and 2)

Your child will know which tier of book they will need, if they are in doubt they can always ask their teacher.

If you wish to order these revision guides through the school, then please order and pay via your ParentPay account, our on-line payment system, stating Foundation or Higher. The order deadline will be Thursday 28th January 2016. Books will be distributed to students once we receive delivery.

Note: This will be the only time during this school year that we will be ordering these revision guides.

Yours sincerely

Mr C Daniels

Acting Head of Mathematics