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Dear Parent / Carer

Access to Career development service for every student

As part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver at Neatherd High School your child has access to Kudos, the latest program from CASCAID. Kudos is a leading career development service helping you to explore, develop and maximise your potential.

Kudos is accessible online and we are encouraging the use of it at home to involve parents with the important decisions your child has to make about their future options - it is accessible for all year groups.

Kudos will help your child to assess their interests and skills, as well as letting them explore and research different education and career options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future.

To access the program please visit https://kudos.cascaid.co.uk/#/ and then enter the licence code. The Neatherd licence code is available if you contact myself via the office@neatherd.org e-mail address. We advise students to use their school login as the username and provide their nsix e-mail address, not their personal one.

All CASCAID programs come with a comprehensive range of support materials including the Parents’/Carers’ Guide to Careers Education & Guidance. This Guide will help you understand the options available to your child at each transition stage.

To view the Parents’ Guide please visit www.cascaid.co.uk/support/products/kudos/getting-started/guides/.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the guide.

At Neatherd High School our aim is to ensure that all students have the resources to fully explore and research their future options in order to make informed choices. We hope that you find Kudos useful and informative.

For any additional information about the careers guidance support your child is receiving, please contact me at school.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Hodges

Careers Leader