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Key Stage 3 Mid-Year Assessments

Dear Parents/ carers,

After the Christmas holidays, Key Stage 3 students will have their mid-year assessments in most subjects. The mid-year assessments will take place in lessons and typically last 45mins.

Each year group has a two week window in which the assessments will take place.

Year 9 – Monday 6th Jan – Friday 17th Jan

Year 8 – Monday 13th Jan – Friday 24th Jan

Year 7 – Monday 27th Jan – Friday 7th Feb

For some practical subjects, such as PE, there will not be a written test but teachers will agree an assessment result based on observations of students’ work so far this year.

The mid-year assessments are the first of two formal assessments in the year, with the second assessment window coming in May-June. The assessments in each subject will include questions on everything that has been studied since September, so students should continue to revise from their Autumn Core Knowledge Booklet after Christmas.

With this in mind, homework (which will be revision from the Core Knowledge Booklets) will begin again straight after Christmas and will not be delayed by a week as previously stated. So on Thursday 9th or Friday 10th January tutors will expect to see the normal number of pages/subjects completed, ensuring pupils are revising for the assessments. Students may opt to revise for their subjects for a little longer each night instead of the 20mins of weekly reading. This is allowed until after the assessment windows have finished.

Form tutors will be explaining these arrangements to students between now and the end of term. Subject teachers will provide advice on the format of the assessments and any specific areas to revise during lesson time leading up to the assessments.

Assessment results will be made available on the Spring Term reports. These will be given as a percentage for each subject. It is important to remember that these assessments only provide a snapshot of learning at a given time. Students should revise for them and take them seriously. Please rest assured, however, that they will not be used alone as the basis of any set moves. The majority of our assessment of students’ learning continues to take place on a day-to-day basis in lessons.

Kind Regards,

Mr N Sinclair

Assistant Head teacher