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KS4 Design Technology GCSE

Dear Parent / Carer

KS4 Design Technology GCSE

(Graphics/Resistant Materials/Textiles/System & Control)

I hope your child is enjoying their KS4 technology course. At this point they should have a real appreciation for the subject and have embarked upon several small practical elements. We would like all pupils to take home the practical pieces they complete in Year 10. These pieces are not part of their controlled assessment, but rather support their experience and refine their skills before completing the final piece in Year 11.

The Technology Department has a limited store of general core materials which we supply to pupils as required for their projects. These materials, however, are expensive and budgets, as I’m sure you are aware, are small and have to stretch a long way. We therefore request an initial contribution of £20 towards each pupil’s materials costs, so that the Technology Department can continue to consistently supply materials required by KS4 pupils.

On completion of the final controlled assessment piece, pupils will be informed if any additional materials were used that exceeded costings. In the rare case that the project exceeds the initial costings, you will be asked to pay the difference to allow your child to take the completed project home. Many students source their own additional materials and this allows students greater freedom in choosing the materials, and also greater ownership of the development of their final piece.

I hope you understand and appreciate this situation and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mr J. Chapman

Head of Design Technology 

Payment Methods:

Payments can be made via our on-line system, ParentPay.  Please login to your account and select the appropriate payment.  Those choosing not to use this system should make cheques payable to Dereham Neatherd High School and take to the payment collection area (outside Business 1) during Thursday morning break (11.10am-11.25am) only.

(Note this is the only day we can receive cheque payments. Please bear this in mind when meeting deadlines).