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KS3 Food & Nutrition Ingredients Contribution

Dear Parent / Carer

KS3 Food & Nutrition Ingredients Contribution

I am writing to you for your assistance in order to improve the food and nutrition lesson provisions for your son/daughter. In KS3 students undertake a wide range of cooking skills in their food and nutrition lessons. We believe it is important that parents/carers see the work produced and give them praise for their efforts. We are also aware of the busy lifestyles many of us have to fit around, and purchasing ingredients in such small quantities can be difficult and inefficient.

At times, it has been difficult for all pupils to complete the practical lessons due to not having the ingredients requested. This means that they either miss the development of skills, or as a school we provide the ingredients to these pupils to ensure that they are able to complete the practical element (they do not take the completed dish home).

In light of this and in order to best address pupils completing all practical elements, we are requesting a £10 contribution towards the cost of the food and nutrition ingredients. This contribution will cover the cost of the ingredients whilst you son/daughter is studying food and nutrition for the academic year. The course is delivered on rotation within the design and technology department, so they will complete the food and nutrition course over one half term period during the academic year.

Having contributed £10 at the beginning of the year towards the ingredients should ensure that all pupils are able to complete the practical element and that all dishes can be sent home with pupils. This also means you won’t have to provide your son/daughter with ingredients for their cookery lessons.

Payments can be made via our on-line system, ParentPay.  Please login to your account and select the appropriate payment.  Those choosing not to use this system, should make cheques payable to Dereham Neatherd High School and take to the payment collection area (outside Business 1) below during Thursday morning break (11.10am-11.25am) only. (Note this is the only day we can receive cheque payments. Please bear this in mind when meeting deadlines).  We would appreciate this being actioned before October half term to enable equipment to be purchased.

I hope you understand and appreciate this situation and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J Chapman

Head of Design Technology