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Interesting Work Experience opportunity for Year 10 students

Dear parents / carers

It’s almost March already and the Yr10 Work Experience week (20-24th June) is not that far away any more. Your son / daughter is probably already getting excited about the prospect of a week in the working world and we are impressed that the students have managed to find so many interesting placements.

While most placement have been sorted out by now we would still like to inform you about an exciting opportunity we have just been presented with which your son / daughter might want to do instead of their existing placement.

As you might know the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards ( have moved in at the Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley during the summer. They have properly settled in now and are ready for some community engagement work. They are very keen to co-operate with Neatherd High School on some projects, including offering work experience placements.

This “Army experience” would have a military background, but the placements could be individually tailored to our students’ interests and they could be placed in the following areas:

· Medical Centre

· Catering

· Mechanical / engineering

· Stores & Accountancy

· Gym

· Clerical & ICT

· General infantry

If your son / daughter is interested in such an experience during our designated work experience week (even if they have already got a different placement), please contact Mrs Broughton (School Support Officer) in the first instance.

Please note that there is a only a limited number of spaces available.