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Friends of Neatherd organising Easter raffle

Dear Parents and carers

The Friends of Neatherd High School are organising another fundraising event for which we really need the support of our children, parents and carers.

On Tuesday, 22nd March, during lunch, we will be running an Easter Raffle where every ticket will be a winner, we are asking if each child could bring into school one or more item suitable for an Easter raffle (i.e. chocolate eggs or other Easter sweets and plush easter bunnies), tickets will then be sold at £1 each, but every ticket drawn will win something whether it will be a small chocolate bar or a large Easter Egg is the luck of the draw.

We continue to try to find new fundraising ideas to support the children of Neatherd but we do need your support as without you we cannot continue. Sadly our pre-prom event , although not a fundraiser for Friends, only saw 5 of our year 11 girls and a couple of parents support.

If anyone would like to hear more about the events we have upcoming, or can bring any suggestions to the committee please feel free to contact us on, our next meeting is on Tuesday 15th March in the library at 4pm everyone is welcome.

If you can donate towards the upcoming Easter raffle could you please ask your child to leave donations at reception so we can collect them?

Many thanks

Tasha Nicholson

(Chair, Friends of Neatherd High School)