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Flexible Learning Day Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

The first of two Flexible Learning Days in the school year is taking place on Wednesday 21st November 2018. Below is detailed what your child will be doing during the day, I hope you find the information useful. It is important that all students attend school as normal as they will be engaged in essential work in different and exciting learning styles, that the Flexible Learning Day allows because the normal timetable is collapsed for the day.

Year 7 students will be on a trip assessing and evaluating the different methods used to protect the North Norfolk coastline from erosion. Students will visit both Cromer and East Runton, where they will examine the methods of protection used and the impact this is having. The fieldwork undertaken fits in with the unit that Year 7’s are currently studying entitled ‘Should we allow the sea to take our coastline?’ Enquiry, investigation and data collection are an essential part of geographical skills used during the day. Students should meet on the Tennis courts at the start of the day.

Year 8 students are focussing on English and Maths for half a day each. In English Year 8s are currently studying the presentation of witchcraft and the supernatural in literature, therefore we are thrilled to invite acclaimed children’s author and witchcraft ‘expert’ William Hussey to Neatherd. William will be giving a presentation on the historic witch trials that took place across Europe in the 17th Century, as well as an introduction to Gothic literature to support students in their studies later this academic year. Students will use what they learn in the presentations in a workshop that is sure to stretch their dramatic and creative skills. In Maths students will be taking part in the Enigma Challenge, cracking clues and decoding messages just like they would have at Bletchley Park. The idea for this day stems from the popular film based on true events ‘The Imitation Game’. Students will get a feel for what it was like to be a cryptographer during WWII and compete in teams to save the day. They will also learn about a famous mathematician Alan Turing (whom the film is mostly about) and how he and his team contributed to the war using their mathematical skills. Pupils in East start the day in Maths, Students in West start the day in English. See the lists at reception to find out which room which class is in.

Year 9 have a day focussing on relationships and sex education. We will have a number of visitors and staff delivering sessions on healthy relationships, safe sex, LGBTQ+, sex and media, consent, bodily changes and sexting. We will also be providing CPR training to the majority of the year group, the rest receiving it in lessons over the year. Students should go to the canteen to start the day.

Year 10 and Year 11 students will have a whole day focussing on one of their non-Ebacc option subjects studied at Key Stage 4. The day will be either with their regular subject teacher or with a subject specialist focussing on a particular aspect of the specification. Students will be making use of this block of time available on the day to make rapid progress with the particular focus. Lists of which subject students are studying on FLD1 and the room to go to will be up on the windows at reception.

I know the day will be an important and enjoyable day of learning!

Yours sincerely

Mr Sinclair

Associate Assistant Head teacher