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Flexible Learning Day 2 at Neatherd

Dear Parent/Carer

Flexible Learning Day on Wednesday 2nd March

Our second Flexible Learning Day of the year is taking place on Wednesday 2nd March 2016. Below is detailed what your child will be doing during the day, I hope you find the information useful. It is important that all students attend school as normal as they will be engaged in essential work in different and exciting learning styles.

Most Year 7 students will be involved in an ICT & Media activity where pupils will be reporters for the day.Students will be shown video clips of current and interesting new stories, they use their ICT skills to produce a report by the end of the day and finally present it to the rest of the year group. Pupils will learn about the best way to present a media story by using their existing ICT skills, as well as learning new skills whilst working in a group. Pupils will meet in the Gym at the start of the day.

A small group of selected Year 7 pupils will be going to the JDT Music Academy in Dereham for a day that will encourage, facilitate and nurture creativity in every pupil on the day using the recording studio and various instruments at the academy. Pupils on this activity have had a separate letter and know to meet in MFL1 to register at the start of the day.

Year 8 students will be on a trip investigating the impact that tourism is having in Wroxham and the Norfolk Broads. In the morning students will assess the different ways in which conflicts are being managed in the Norfolk Broads through a guided boat tour of Salhouse Broads. In the afternoon students will collect primary data through a range of group activities based in the centre of Wroxham. Year 8 students need to have returned the consent form to go on this trip. Meet on the Tennis Courts.

The Year 9 students will have a Crime and Consequences Day and the opportunity to interact with lots of different organisations based around the theme of ‘No Crime’. Some of the sessions include how to respond if someone has been harmed; meeting a prisoner and prison officer to find out first-hand what life is like in prison. There will be activities to increase the awareness of abusive relationships and what to look out for; presentations to improve awareness of the dangers of drug use and much, much more! The feedback from previous years from both pupils and staff has been extremely positive. The sessions are run by experienced professionals who have a lot of valuable information and insight to offer our pupils.

As well as these exciting activities, approximately 90 Year 9 students will experience a workshop with STOMP in small groups for an hour and a half each across the day in the drama room. ‘STOMP’ is a musical company who use a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy and have taken the world by storm with their spectacular shows.Two members of the company will lead workshops focused on physicality, co-ordination and dexterity. All Year 9 pupils should meet in the Drama Room at the start of the day.

As part of World Book Week, Neatherd has secured Sonia Leong to speak to all of Year 10 pupils at the start of the day. Sonia Leong is a multi-award winning professional comic artist and illustrator specialising in Anime/Manga. The rest of the day is split into two activities, the first being Creative Writing workshops linked to the visiting Author which will engage students in a series of activities that will allow them to pair the skills of visual storytelling and the design of setting and character with Macbeth, their Shakespearean set text. The second activity being Maths Mastery Challenges which will involve engaging and exciting group tasks working on continued development of Mathematics mastery and recall of prior knowledge. All of the tasks will contain knowledge and skills from the learning the year 10s have undergone this year and they will help the students in their preparation for their GCSE. There will be an element of competition to the event with prizes on offer; all designed around helping support students in their journey to achieving their best in the new Mathematics 9-1 GCSE. All Year 10 students should meet in the specific English and MFL Rooms shown on the lists at reception.

This is their final Flexible Learning Day at Neatherd before the GCSE exam season begins; most Year 11 students will be treated to a day of exciting workshops and presentations on key study skills, delivered by a company called Learning Performance. Learning Performance is the UK’s leading study skills company. Their interactive and motivational workshops show students how to learn, how to revise and how to prepare for exams with creative strategies such as memory techniques. Research shows that equipping students with such learning strategies can improve progress by an average of 8 months. The sessions will be interactive and practical and will give students an excellent boost as they prepare for their important exams. All students will receive a handy study skills booklet as part of the day. Year 11 pupils should meet in the canteen at the start of the day, unless they are doing the Science ISAs.

A selected group of Year 11 pupils will be improving their ISA (Individual Skills Assignments) tasks in the Science Department. Having the day to support this improvement should have a direct and positive impact on pupil grades, provided they manage to improve their controlled assessment score. Pupils doing the Science ISAs should go to the corridor outside Science 1 & 2 when the first bell rings.

Yours sincerely

Mr Sinclair

Flexible Learning Day Co-ordinator and Associate Assistant Headteacher