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Deeper Insight into Learning Evening

Dear Parent / Carer,

Deeper Insight into Learning Evening, Thursday 22nd September 2016

One week in, and our new Year 7 students have started with confidence. We are really pleased with the way that they have settled in and we hope you are too. On Intake Evening back in July, I stressed the importance of us working together in partnership for your child. I realise that secondary school can seem less welcoming than primary school where access to teachers can appear easier. With this in mind I am very pleased to be able to invite you to our Deeper Insight into Learning evening on Thursday 22nd September. This will give you a chance to discover how learning takes place both at Neatherd and at home, and can also be an opportunity to have some informal ‘one to one’ time with your child's Head of House.

The evening will start at 5.30pm when you will have 30 minutes before the first presentation to chat informally with your child’s Head of House and the Year 7 team. Light refreshments will be served during this first part of the evening.

The event does not replace the Year 7 Parents’ Evening later in the year when you will get to meet all subject teachers for your child. I stress that this part of the evening is an informal, brief, “check in” with staff if you need it, and hope that if there are any major issues you will call in advance. I remind you that the first port of call for any problems/ concerns is your Head of House or the House Support Officer, Miss Ford, who can be contacted at the school at any time. The Heads of House are Miss Cross (Cavell), Miss Powell-Bowns (Carter), Mr Lyons (Kett) and Mrs Thompson (Fry).

The formal part of the evening will start at 6.00pm when myself and Mr Humphreys will lead a short presentation on learning, assessment, homework and the different kinds of support available at Neatherd. You will be shown exactly how we monitor progress at Neatherd and ensure that lessons are meaningful and fun. You will then break off into groups and attend three different sessions. The aim of the sessions will be to identify ways in which you can support your child’s learning. The sessions cover:

Literacy – what we offer and how you can support your child’s progress

Numeracy – how you can support your child’s progress

ICT safety - Helping to keep your child safe online and when using digital devices. The session will cover cyber bullying, social networking sites, mobile phones and online gaming.

The evening will finish at 8.00pm. This is a really valuable opportunity for you to find out more about your child’s programme of learning in Year 7 and how you can actively get involved and support their development. Please note that the evening is for parents / carers rather than students. For logistical purposes we do need to know how many people are interested in attending I would be grateful if you could indicate if you are able to attend, by Tuesday 20th September please, by either replying electronically through this link ( or completing and returning the reply slip at the bottom of this letter. If the students are returning the slip, they can leave it in the red post box outside Student Reception on the front corridor. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Yours sincerely

Mr N O’Brien
Assistant Headteacher (Student Development)


Please return to STUDENT RECEPTION at your earliest convenience

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