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Curriculum Enhancement Week

Dear Parent/Carer,

Curriculum Enhancement Week Monday 20th June until Friday 24th June

This letter gives information about Curriculum Enhancement Week, which happens from Monday 20th June until Friday 24th June. During this week the normal timetable is collapsed and each year group has a completely different schedule of exciting and new activities. Curriculum Enhancement Week further develops the usual classroom learning; activities encourage adventure; develop leadership and team work skills, grow thinking skills and strengthen emotional intelligence.

Nearly one hundred Year 7 pupils are on a trip to Normandy, in France and will be enjoying the whole week away. Those Year 7 pupils not on the trip will have a variety of activities during the week that include time in Art; exploring texture in a practical workshop involving printmaking and collage, there is a trip to Africa Alive, a creative writing activity, also a Creative Arts day. The activities in Year 7 look at exploring different cultures from around the world.

In Year 8 over 100 pupils are on a 2-night residential trip to Bramley Lakes, an outdoor education centre. When not at Bramley Lakes, pupils will be doing a variety of initiative tests in school looking to further develop team work and leadership skills and spend a day with the Science department to look at building and testing rockets as well as exploring Neatherd Moor. Pupils who are not visiting Bramley Lakes at all also enjoy some different sports and a day of computer programming with the new BBC micro:bit website!

Some pupils in Year 9 will be on the Battlefields Trip with the History department until Wednesday 22nd June. Those pupils not on the trip will have a Dragons Den style Apprentice Day, a day in DT to plan and create their own Music festival as well as a day in Maths completing the Jaguar Challenge! All Year 9 pupils will have a day with the S&E department giving time to Sex Education and other important aspects that are key curriculum areas that benefit from a little more time. The week will end with a taster day of one of their GCSE options, which will provide pupils with an insight into the course that they will begin in September.

All Year 10 pupils will be on Work Experience; at Neatherd we value this week immensely as it gives our students a fantastic opportunity to find out about the world of work.  Many of our students have blossomed during this week and for a lot of other students it has helped them make decisions about future careers.

A personalised timetable will be sent out next week which will include details of activities, rooms and requirements for each day.  If your son/daughter is going to Normandy or on Work Experience you will not get another letter, as you should have already received all the information you need.

Yours sincerely

Mr N Sinclair
Curriculum Enhancement Week Coordinator
Associate Assistant Head teacher