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Dereham Neatherd High School

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Alex Scarrow

We are delighted to welcome our school Patron of Reading, Alex Scarrow for his first official visit to our school on Monday 31st October. Alex will be working with the students across all school years over the course of the year and has kindly agreed to fit in a special ‘pre-publicity talk’ of his latest book ‘REMADE’ before he goes on tour in November.

The event will include all Y9s during P5 where Alex will be talking about his love of reading, his life and an introduction to his gloriously gory new series. ‘Remade’ is about a virus that can think and can take on the form of a human to destroy everything and everyone who comes into contact with it and a young teens determination to protect his younger sister –no matter what.

Books will be available to buy at a discounted price of £6.00 each supplied by Waterstones Norwich after the talk. We have found that the experience of inviting engaging authors to speak to the students has greatly increased their interest in reading their books and literature in general. At previous events many students have been disappointed that they did not bring money on the day to purchase a personally signed book after being captivated by the author and his stories.

We hope your child will enjoy their Halloween ‘treat’

Kind Regards

Mrs Gill