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Year 7 Trip to Normandy, France – June 2016

After receiving several parental concerns regarding the security while in Paris as part of the Curriculum Enhancement week to Normandy, we have taken this element of the trip into consideration to ensure that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our Year 7 students. Having spoken with County Council and our trip coordinator in France, we have made the decision to replace our day trip to Paris with a trip to Mont St. Michel, which is a world heritage site of great cultural and historical interest. We have taken students to Mont St. Michel in previous years and received very positive feedback as it is a beautiful and unique place to visit and is listed as one of the top tourist attractions in France.

We understand that this decision may disappoint some students and parents due to the popularity of the French capital. When asked what students liked the most about the Paris trip in previous years, the resounding answer was being able to see the Eiffel Tower. With the Euro 2016 football championship being hosted in France this year, the Eiffel Tower was removed from our itinerary as it is being used as a “fan base” and the backdrop for many events during the competition. The second most enjoyable element of the trip that students communicated to us was the free time they were given to shop for souvenirs while in Paris. We are very happy to assure both students and parents alike that Mont St. Michel is very similar to the area we would have allowed students to go shopping in Paris with several shops and cafés in an enclosed area. It is for these reasons that we feel very confident that students will enjoy their visit to Mont St Michel as an alternative to Paris.

As teachers who know the capital city well, we regret the removal of Paris from the trips’ itinerary and have come to this decision out of our professional duty for the safe guarding and care of our students. There are unfortunately too many unknown factors that prevent us from feeling 100% confident taking our group to Paris at this present time and we hope that parents will understand and support our judgement. We are not alone in this decision; our trip coordinator in France has informed us that other school groups she has recently organised have also decided not to go to Paris and she is fully supportive as the safety of our students is paramount for all of us.

Please see attached an updated itinerary for the trip. You can be assured that all other events planned for the week have been left unaltered.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns that you have. We look forward to seeing the students bright and early (4:45!) on Monday morning for a successful and enjoyable trip to Normandy.

Yours Sincerely, 

Mrs J. Lambert

Head of MFL & Trip Leader