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Work Experience

WEX Briefing

On Wednesday 1st November parents/guardians of year 10 students and students themselves, are invited to attend a briefing about work experience (9th to 13th July 2018). The briefing will be held in the canteen and will start at 6.00pm. The briefing is for those parents and students who are still unsure about work experience or require further assistance. On the evening you will be able to see a list of companies who have previously offered placements and also hear from Yr11 students who did their placements last year and the process will be outlined.

More information will follow including the health and safety element that needs to be signed.

If you would like to make an early start on this, students can come and find Mr Hodges who can provide the necessary paperwork.

Mr Hodges

Careers Co-ordinator

You can also download a Parents Guide, and a copy of the Employer/Consent Form.