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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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School Uniform

Our school is a well ordered community with an ethos which values hard work and examination success. We aim to keep pupils focused upon the tasks of understanding and learning so as to achieve the potential of individuals in every area of education. We aim to minimise the distractions to this ethos caused by fashion, fads and trends. We believe that our pupils should wear a definitive school uniform. The purpose of such a uniform is:

  • Neatherd identity.
  • Ease of recognition.
  • Smartness.
  • Avoidance of fashion trends.
  • Avoidance of stigma.
  • Avoidance of controversy.
  • Avoidance of offensive statements (as covered in the Equality Act).
  • Maintenance of good order and personal safety.

In the same manner, a pupil’s appearance should satisfy the above points. Above all else we look for reasonableness and pride in our school. We have a gender neutral school uniform; pupils may wear any combination detailed below.

Full uniform is expected and must be worn at all times.

Birds of Dereham are suppliers of our school uniform.

Full Uniform

From September through until the Easter holidays full uniform is expected and must be worn at all times. We have a gender free uniform at Neatherd, pupils must wear from the following items:

  • The school blazer
  • A pale blue, button up to the neck, blouse/shirt (not denim), suitable to be tucked in
  • A school tie which must have six stripes showing
  • The school navy knitted jumper or knitted cardigan with embroidered Neatherd Shield (optional but does not replace the school blazer)
  • Plain socks, navy blue, dark grey or black with NO logo’s
  • Black or brown shoes/boots (backless shoes are not permitted, along with plimsolls, trainers, canvas, sandals and Ugg style boots)
  • Either a plain navy or black tailored kneelength skirt. Please ask Bird’s to check for skirt length and add Neatherd emblem badge(optional)
  • Plain navy, charcoal or black full length trousers that touch the top of the foot (socks should not be visible)
  • Black/navy or charcoal grey Knee length tailored shorts
  • Either thick dark tights or flesh coloured sheer tights, or appropriate socks
  • NO figure hugging, tight, skinny trousers, stretchy material skirts or leggings.

Please Note:

  • A plain, coat or anorak may only be worn outside the buildings.
  • Plain, formal scarves may also be worn outside BUT only with a plain coat. They are not allowed to be worn instead of a coat.
  • Hooded tops and other sweatshirts are not acceptable and will be confiscated if worn.
  • Trainers should only be worn for sport, or activities on the tennis courts during break and lunchtimes and are not to be worn in school.
  • No jewellery is allowed except one small stud earring in each earlobe, a light necklace, one plain ring per hand, one bracelet per wrist and a watch. Nasal, tongue or other forms of facial or body piercing are not permitted. Pupils may wear a retainer in place of a nose piercing.
  • Nails should not be excessively long, natural and natural colours
  • Eye lashes should appear natural
  •  A school branded PE sweatshirt cannot be worn in replacement of the knitted school jumper/cardigan.

Summer Uniform

After the Easter holiday, a pale blue button t-shirt with the Neatherd school shield on it in red may be worn in place of the shirt and tie. If pupils are cold, a blazer (and NOT another kind of jacket or sweatshirt) should be worn over the school polo shirt. Alternatively, pupils are free to continue wearing full uniform without their tie.

School Uniform and Personal Appearance Code

Full school uniform will be worn at all times unless permission is given for alternative arrangements. In particular, the following are forbidden:

  • Tattoos
  • Badges or logos with overt political, racial or offensive comments or messages
  • Hairstyles, hair colours or facial hair likely to deemed to be inappropriate by the Headteacher, or which cause a lack of focus from students' learning
  • Hooded tops and other sweatshirts
  • Skinny trousers, tight fitting/stretchy skirts and leggings
  • Makeup deemed to be excessive by the Headteacher and staff
  • Jean style trousers
  • Denim jackets (any colour)
  • Excessively long nails
  • Brightly coloured painted nails
  • White socks (except for PE)
  • Small trainer style and sports socks, except for during PE lessons
  • False nails
  • Nose studs

Physical Education Kit

See this page.