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Here at Neatherd we know that children who spend time on homework show higher levels of academic achievement, as homework enables children to reinforce, practice and apply the skills learnt in class, in order to build knowledge of the different subjects. It allows parents to engage, encourage and participate towards their children’s learning.  Homework allows children to demonstrate their abilities and improve their sense of responsibility and time management.

Key Stage 3

Students will be using their Core Knowledge Booklets to revise and build knowledge. Students record their learning, self-quizzing & revision in their red homework exercise books, completing each of their subjects once a week. The red exercise books are checked once a week by the form tutor. Students are also expected to read 5 times a week, as we know prodigious readers will progress further.

Please click here for the KS3 Homework Guide

Key Stage 4

Students are expected to spend longer on homework (45mins per subject per week) and will receive specific tasks that are likely to be exam style tasks and questions, as well as revision activities. Subject teachers will set, collect and mark the KS4 homework.

Homework principles

  1. Scheduled – homework will be planned in advance, ideally this plan is shared with students. No ad-hoc “finish off this for next lesson” homework.
  2. Consistency – (If at all possible) Homework will always be set on the same day of the week and always collect on the same day the week after.
  3. Timely – students should always have 7 days to complete the homework task.
  4. Clarity – teachers will always give a clear task and clear expectations for the quantity and quality.
  5. Standardised – tasks will be reinforcing content from the lessons, and the tasks should be the same across the department.
  6. Feedback – Is likely to be whole class feedback in lessons, addressing common misconceptions or gaps in their knowledge.

KS4 Homework Reward and Sanctions

Pupils will be rewarded with house points for completing homework on time that is of a good quality. If pupils do not hand in a piece of homework, or if that homework is not complete, then pupils will be given 1 department detention. Pupils should use the time in detention to complete their homework. Another department detention will be awarded if this happens a second time. If on a third occasion the pupil does not hand in a piece of homework, or if that homework is not complete, then an SLT detention will be served. The count is reset after each term.


Core Knowledge Booklets (see inside for Above and Beyond Tasks)

Homework Self-Quizzing Examples

MFL Quizlet Help

NSI 251120