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Dereham Neatherd High School

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Flexible Learning Day 1

Dear Parent/Carer

Our first Flexible Learning Day of the year is taking place on Wednesday 23rd November 2016. Below is details of what your child will be doing during the day, I hope you find the information useful. It is important that all students attend school as normal as they will be engaged in essential work in different and exciting learning styles, that a Flexible Learning Day allows.

Year 7 students will be on a trip assessing and evaluating the different methods used to protect the North Norfolk coastline from erosion. Students will visit both Wells and Overstrand, where they will examine the methods used and link this with the different ways in which the land is used. The fieldwork undertaken fits in with the unit that Year 7’s are currently studying entitled ‘Should we allow the sea to take our coastline?’ Enquiry, investigation and data collection are an essential part of geographical skills used during the day.

Year 8 students will be considering the question ‘Who do you think you are?’ Students will be investigating the challenges faced when discovering their identity. They will consider who they are and what matters most to them at a time when we are all pressured in a number of different ways to just ‘fit in’. Pupils will have opportunities to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural identity.

Year 9 students can go on a trip to the Natural History Museum in London, where they will have the opportunity to work together and explore the world of science from an interactive point of view. Students will complete a booklet on the exhibits they are visiting and attend a show explaining the variety and diversity of life on earth. This directly ties in with the science syllabus regarding our teaching of evolution and the structure of the earth. Those students not on the trip will be actively engaged and working practically with two different Creative Activities in Music, Art, Graphics or Dance.

Year 10 students will be taking part in Work Experience and Careers related activities and will have an opportunity to begin their preparation for work experience and will also explore going onto higher education through the UEA. The day will also specifically explore Computer Science as a career option.

Year 11 students will spend the day focusing on their two most vital subjects. In English Students will participate in a series of 35 minute workshops designed to support preparation for the mock exams. Workshops will cover the different papers and will finish with an opportunity for students to complete exam practice and plan the next steps in their independent revision. In Maths pupils will be working on developing their reasoning and problem solving skills for the new 9-1 GCSE in mathematics. There is now a much larger requirement for students to be able to problem solve, so we will look at what these requirements are with students and model how to approach these in the exam. Pupils will then be split into groups where they will work through rounds of questions, targeted to their forecast grades, which have been produced by the exam board.

I know the day will be an important and enjoyable day of learning!

Yours sincerely

Mr Sinclair

Flexible Learning Day Co-ordinator and Associate Assistant Head teacher