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Mock Exams

Mock Exams are Internal Exams which are marked by the class teacher and provide the teacher and school with valuable information regarding each individual student’s knowledge, highlighting any areas that may require additional work and or revision.  The papers the students sit are usually passed GCSE papers that may have been adapted to suit the work covered in class by that time.

Mock Exams are held in exactly the same way as GCSE exams with our trained invigilators overseeing the JCQ Awarding Bodies Rules and Regulations are adhered to.  This is good practice for all students and gives them the understanding of the expectations and requirements prior to sitting their GCSEs in the summer.

Year 11 will sit their Mock Exams in December, with further Mocks in March for English and Maths if the school believe this is required for the Cohort to achieve the grades they are capable of.

Year 10 will sit their Mock Exams in June, when they will have completed a full years teaching in KS4.


GCSEs – (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

GCSEs are External Exams. Set by the Awarding Bodies (Exam Boards) and are stored under the strictest conditions complying with the JCQ Awarding Bodies Rules and Regulations. These GCSE exam papers are scheduled to start on a particular date and time and access to them is restricted as per JCQ regulations.

Following the required procedures as outlined by the JCQ, students sit the exams under controlled conditions. On completion the papers are sent securely to the appropriate Awarding Body where the papers are scanned and marked. 

The results are imported electronically from the Awarding Bodies on a date in August when the school will hold a Results Day for year 11 students to collect their GCSE results.

Enquiries About Results – (EARS)

Teaching staff will review the grades for their subject and those students who are within a few points of achieving a higher grade will be contacted, and their consent requested for the paper to be remarked by the exam board.  Of course the grade can go up or down, however, our teachers will only request your consent if you are close to moving up, which would suggest you are a lot of points away from moving down. This process begins at the start of the new academic year and there is just two weeks to receive the consent forms and process the application before the deadline is reached. The outcomes for these applications are received over a period of approximately 6 wks and by no later than the end of October.

Students are notified in writing of the outcome over this period. 

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