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Acceptable Use Policy

Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

As a student at Dereham Neatherd High School, I understand that the ICT systems in the school (computers, digital cameras, video cameras, etc) are provided by the school to help me with my learning. I understand that misuse of these systems, or use of them for purposes other than school work, can cause problems and disruption for other students, staff, and myself. I understand that breaking the terms of this AUP will have consequences, including being banned from using the school’s ICT systems.

I understand that there are systems in place in school to prevent me from accessing certain websites, running certain programs, or doing things that I should not be doing in school. I understand that these systems are in place to both help keep me safe on the internet, and to prevent me from causing damage to the network or computers. I understand that trying to bypass these systems is not acceptable, and will have consequences.

I understand that everything I do on the school network, including accessing the internet, is monitored and logged.

In signing the Acceptable Use Policy, I agree to the following:

1. I will not allow anyone else to log onto the network or nseven as me. I will not tell anyone my password, and I will not allow anyone to use my log-on details. This is to protect me by ensuring that nobody can pretend to be me on the network.

2. I will not attempt to discover, change or use anyone else’s user name and password for any of the school systems.

3. I will not attempt to access files, folders or other resources (such as printers) on the network that I do not normally have access to. I understand that restrictions are placed on some files and folders to prevent me accessing them because they are not for me to use.

4. I will not access, or attempt to access, any form of chat program or website. I understand that there are dangers associated with using chat, and that I cannot access them within school to protect me.

5. I will not access, or attempt to access, websites that are not suitable for use within school. I will also not attempt to search for unsuitable sites. I understand that these types of sites are not suitable:

a) Websites that let me play games online, except for those provided by my teachers.
b) Websites that try to bypass the security or internet control within school.
c) Websites that contain material of an obscene, sexual or hateful nature.
d) Social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook).

6. I will not type an unsuitable word into a search engine (such as Google), type an unsuitable URL into the address bar, or in any other way try to obtain access to unsuitable material or websites.

7. I understand that ‘unsuitable material’ includes games, programs not provided by the school, music or video files (not used in coursework), offensive material, material of an obscene or sexual nature, or material that would cause distress to another person. I will not have, place, or attempt to place unsuitable material:

a) On a USB key, memory card or any other storage device.
b) Anywhere on the school network or nseven.
c) On a mobile phone, camera, laptop, palmtop or other device brought into school.
d) In an email or other form of communication.

I have read and understand the AUP. I know that the school will take all steps available so that I cannot access unsuitable content whilst I am using a computer in school. It is my responsibility to exercise common sense and caution when using the computers in school. It is my responsibility to abide by the AUP above, and I understand that if I do break the rules I will be subject to sanctions. I understand that I may only use the school computers for school work, unless my teacher gives me permission otherwise.

Signature of Student:                                                                Date:


I have read and understand the AUP. I acknowledge that the school will take every step possible to ensure that unsuitable content is not accessible to my son/daughter whilst using a computer in school. I also accept that the responsibility to adhere to the policy is that of my son/daughter, and a breach of any of the conditions above will lead to the indicated sanction being imposed on them. I hereby give my son/daughter permission to use the school computer network facilities, including the internet.

Signature of Parent/Carer:                                                       Date: