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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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Head of House: Miss Noble

Welcome to Fry house! Our house has been named after Elizabeth Fry who worked tirelessly throughout her life to help those less fortunate than herself. She worked with homeless people and created Sunday schools for children but she is most famous for her campaign for the reform of prisons. She insisted that the conditions for prisoners had to improve and helped to introduce an education system; this meant that the prisoners could begin to develop new skills that would help them when they were released.

The students in Fry used these morals to create our house moto which is “Support, Strive, Succeed!” We are very proud of our moto and believe that it encourages every pupil to help their peers, work hard and reach their goals no matter what their ability.

We have eight fantastic tutor groups in Fry. Due to the vertical tutoring system in place at Neatherd each form has become a mini community of its own, where the older students support the lower years both in tutor time and around the school. Two students from each form group are selected every year to create a House Forum. We get together to discuss matters that effect Fry house and come up with strategies to improve the wellbeing of our student and ways to promote our house ethos.

Fry members love taking part in the numerous house competitions that take place throughout the school year. There is an event to suit everyone be it sport, design, cooking, reading, dancing, signing, quizzes or even competitions within lessons. We can’t wait to get involved this year and help add to our house point total!

We are lucky to have a great team of student leaders within Fry. The prefects, who work hard to support Neatherd during the school day and at after school events, are headed up by Ellie Foster our house captain and Ellena Meachen our deputy house captain. 

When you walk around school it is great to see both staff and student wearing their yellow badges with pride, working hard to make the most of every opportunity so that we as a house have yet another successful year.