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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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Most Able

The school aims to promote strategies and activities in all lessons across the school so that suitable challenge is in place for all our most able pupils. There may also be some extra-curricular activities, clubs, competitions and events for our most able pupils. For example the Brilliant Club runs a Scholars Programme where pupils have academic university style tutorials from a PhD Tutor, as well as visits to top universities, with the aim of inspiring pupils to apply to the very top universities. Another example would be the vibrant STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club which meets regularly and its pupils are often successful in the competitions they enter.

The group of most able pupils in the year will have their progress closely monitored throughout the year, underachievement will be challenged and assistance given where appropriate. The overriding aim is for the school to offer the support that ensures our most able pupils achieve in class, and make exceptional progress.

Separate to lessons there are fabulous opportunities for the Most Able with clubs like Astronomy and STEM. The school includes activities for the most able pupils on Flexible Learning Days, such as song and music writing at a Music Academy and dance workshops with the dance company STOMP. Across the school there are opportunities for our most able pupils, such as the Spelling Bee and also the Maths Masterclasses hosted by the Royal Institute.