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Dance Department
The dance department is part of the school’s Creative Arts Faculty and is currently delivered in Year 8 on a rotation, in Year 9 as a Creative Arts option and as a GCSE subject in Years 10 and 11.

Neatherd has one subject specialist who delivers all dance lessons and is enthusiastic, supportive and highly motivated to help ensure all students enjoy dance. Students have consistently performed exceptionally well at GCSE and many students go on to study dance in further education.

Dance at Neatherd builds on students’ own abilities to enable them to perform and choreograph to the best of their ability. Teaching and learning seeks to stimulate an interest in and a sense of passion for all styles of dance, from street to contemporary and modern to ballet.

GCSE Dance at Key Stage 4 is an enjoyable if at times demanding option. It is both practical and creative, and involves a lot of group work. Through hard-work and determination, the department strives to inspire students to become confident dancers and performers.

Extra-Curricular Involvement

Extra Curricular Dance at Neatherd is run by Miss Carter De Bois, a fully qualified Dance Teacher with the IDTA. Miss Carter De Bois has over 30 years of dance experience and knowledge and is committed to giving students exciting opportunities to participate in dance. These will include classes incorporating different styles, participation in theatre trips and getting high profile choreographers and professional dancers into school to work directly with the students. Miss Carter De Bois is also exploring opportunities for students to participate and compete in festivals and competitions.

No auditions are required for students to participate in any extra-curricular dance groups although regular attendance is desirable. The emphasis will firmly be on developing new skills and discipline and, of course, enjoyment and participation.