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Computer Science

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The Computer Science department works closely with the ICT department but they are different subjects. We share the same ethos and values as ICT particularly that we strive for students to develop a strong sense of independence in their learning and to take on high levels of challenge.

In years 7, 8 and 9 students take term long module on Computer Science. The emphasis is on becoming competent at problem solving and computational thinking. This extends to programming solutions to suit a range of different applications. Students work in Scratch (block based) and high level programming languages such as Small Basic, VB.NET and Python.

In Year 9 students opt for either Computer Science or ICT for their GCSE which starts in Year 10. Computer Science is becoming more and more popular and in 2015-16 we will have almost twice as many students taking the option than we did in 2014-15 which is a reflection on the importance students place on programming and their enjoyment of the subject.

The department uses Edmodo extensively to provide a structure for students to help them organise their learning and embedding this is something students report is very positive for them.

We share accommodation with the ICT department but one room is designated as the Computer Science Suite for GCSE teaching.