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Check out the new Career section in the library which contains a variety of general careers books and also lots of information about different professions.

The library display is always linked to the relevant Career sector of the month.

Job Sector of the Month

STEM careers

STEM is short for science, technology, engineering and maths. 

Over 60% of all new jobs created are to be found in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Studying STEM subjects leads directly to a huge variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. With STEM skills, you can make a big contribution to many of the big challenges facing society today. From designing visual fx for a new film, to working as a physiotherapist for an athlete, to inventing a new hi-tech health scanner, to manufacturing a racing car or putting new satellites into space there are thousands of exciting and well paid opportunities.

Many of the jobs of the future will involve technology as the way that people work will continue to change. People who work in the health sector rely hugely on their scientific skills, whilst the finance sector requires people who are a whizz with numbers. As the population grows, more homes will need to be built and the infrastructure in towns and cities will rely on skilled engineers.

There are different routes into STEM careers at 16 and 18, through apprenticeships or from relevant degrees.

General Information and video about STEM careers:



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