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Wellbeing and Mental Health Support at Neatherd

We are proud of the mental health support we offer at Neatherd. We are the only school in the region to have achieved a Healthy Schools Gold Award for our mental health work.  We are committed supporters of the Time to Change Campaign.

Time to Change believes that on average three young people in each classroom have a mental health issue.  Here are some of the things we do to promote wellbeing at Neatherd:

  • We take a whole school approach.  All students are encouraged to think about their mental wellbeing as well as their physical wellbeing. Everyone has mental health – good or bad and often it is a mixture of both!
  • We have a monthly wellbeing focus that is discussed in form-time.  Please see the attached resources. We share these resources on our social media platforms.
  • We hold voluntary mindfulness sessions every Monday at form-time in the gym. All students are welcome to attend.
  • We have a talk therapist who works three days a week for the school.
  • We have an anger coach who works one day a week.
  • We have a trained counsellor who works one day a week who sees students one to one or in small groups. We organise targeted small group self-esteem classes.
  • We hold an annual community wellbeing event in December.
  • We work with other schools to share best practise.
  • We use our wellbeing checklist with students to raise awareness of ways to feel better and to set targets.

 What should you do if you are worried about a young person at Neatherd?

  1. Talk to them about how they are feeling.
  2. Use the resources we have at Neatherd – including our monthly wellbeing focus and our checklist.
  3. Speak to one of our Heads of House about support we can offer at school.
  4. Make a referral for support at Neatherd – with either our anger coach, our talk therapist or for one to one or group counselling. Students will be given a triage appointment within two weeks where they will be told when they will start.  There are six sessions before the support is reviewed. At the moment, there is around a six week wait before support starts.
  5. Ask for support outside school:
    Point One:  http://point-1.org.uk/home/young-people-11-17/ OR 0800 977 4077
    CAMHS: Tier 2 Support 08009774077