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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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Student Support

Above all, we want all of our students to feel safe and happy and we have a strong team to help and support students throughout their time at Neatherd. We know that students can only perform to their best when they feel well, safe and amongst friends.

The Form Tutor is the first port of call for students if they have issues in school – be it around organisation, friendship or academic progress. We have a Vertical Tutoring system – so each form is made up of a small group of students from each year group. We feel that this breaks up divisions in school and allows for a natural mentoring ethos.

We have four houses at Neatherd – Carter, Cavell, Fry and Kett. Each house has its own Head of House who oversees the academic and social progress of the students. We have one House Support Manager who help with this work.

A vital part of our work and encouragement of students is the reward system. Rewards are given when students achieve in any area of school life, including behaviour, attendance, academic, sporting, artistic and active citizenship.

Our senior pupils are also part of our student development team. Prefects, who wear a red tie, help the school run smoothly in many ways including helping younger students. The School Council is a visible force in the school; overseeing duties and charity events as well as working with the leadership team by providing an important point of view in the school...that of the students.

All students are part of our Attitude for Learning Programme which promotes positive behaviour and respect. When things go wrong we help students to get things right so every students has a fulfilling and successful education.

Students have one form period a day with their tutor and regular assemblies which help create a school community with a positive ethos founded on respect and responsibility.

Rewards System

At Neatherd we believe that all student success should be celebrated. Staff are encouraged to regularly praise and reward students when they achieve in any area of the school community including behaviour, attendance, academia, sport, art and active citizenship. 

All rewards are recorded electronically on your son/daughter's classcharts profile. Here are some examples of what they can be awarded:

  • House Points for positive contributions in lessons
  • Postcard of Congratulations for good work in a particular subject area
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold House Point Certificates and Badges
  • Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance
  • Certificate for Attendance (100% over the whole term)
  • Raffle Assemblies held monthly where students who have received rewards are eligible for vouchers if their name is selected
  • All year groups have an end of year Prize Presentation which you will be invited to attend
  • Year 11 Presentation Evening
  • Colours/Half Colours - awarded to any student in any sport deemed to be worthy
  • Reward Trips/Events
  • Discos
  • Letters of congratulations following reports
  • Success Shop online where house points can be exchanged for stationary, vouchers and equipment
  • Inter-House Competitions

The 25 students in each house who received the most housepoints will be celebrated in house assemblies and displayed on the houseboard.

Whenever appropriate, we encourage positive behaviour and achievement to be publicly acknowledged through tutor time, assemblies, via the website and school magazine. You will at times be contacted via letter or phone and invited in to assemblies, in order to join with us in celebrating success

Who to contact:

Please ask for the following person via reception

A setting or single subject issue: The Subject Leader (relevant) Department

A day to day issue: Head of (relevant) House

Edwina Powell-Bowns (Head of House Carter)
Ursula Batty (Cavell)
Keren Thompson (Fry)
Mike Lyons (Kett)

An exclusion or a serious behaviour issue: Rachel Jacobs

A safeguarding concern or safety issue in school: Nick O’Brien