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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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Flexible Learning Days

Flexible Learning Days take place twice this year, in November and March. These days allow an alternative curriculum to take place outside of the normal teaching; the timetable is collapsed to allow flexibility of teaching and a deeper learning. A wide variety of events and activities take place including trips exploring the North Norfolk Coastline, the Natural History Museum, an Apprenticeships Fair and the Norfolk Broads. At school activities such as the Enigma Challenge, Conspiracy Theories, a Taste of Spain, Crime and Consequences, Lower School Leadership and Computer Programming all take place.

On these days all staff and pupils are involved allowing exploration and application of skills across the curriculum, including the development and application Personal, Learning and Thinking tools, to encourage our learners to become creative thinkers, reflective learners, effective participators, good self-managers, effective team workers and independent enquirers. The Flexible Learning Days are learner centered and independent learning is promoted and encouraged. The Social and Emotional aspects of Learning allow our learners to explore making difficult decisions in an informed manner while learning to deal with their emotions in a mature fashion.

Most Flexible Learning Days have an activity for some of our most able pupils, activities from previous years include a Cooking Master-class, Willow Structure, STOMP dance troop classes, an Art and Architecture Day and an Adventure Gaming workshop. These activities are stretch and challenge our pupils with engaging new activities.

If you would like to be involved with these days- either through offering expertise in assisting in running sessions, or simply in being available to be in sessions with pupils and teachers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our co-ordinator is Mr Nigel Sinclair, who can be contacted through office@neatherd.org.