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Activities Week

For many years now at Neatherd High, we have run the successful Curriculum Enhancement Week towards the end of the Summer Term where students have enjoyed activities closely linked to the curriculum. However, in 2019 we changing the focus from the curriculum and academic aspects to enriching the life experiences of students through various exciting activities.

Therefore, we have replaced Curriculum Enhancement Week with an Activities Week where students have a choice of over 25 different activities which have fun, creativity, innovation, resilience and maturity at the core; essentially we aim for the activities to enrich the life experiences of the students, giving opportunities to experience something different and exciting.

Activities Week happens in the penultimate full week of the summer term and sees the normal 5 period days suspended and packages that last either for the full week or for 2½ days can be selected by the students. For this week, students are in control of which activities they do and can select either one 5-day package, or two 2½ day packages. All activities are open to all Key Stage 3 pupils, except the Battlefields trip, which is just for year 9 pupils.

Exciting trips to run in 2019 included trips to Sorrento in Italy, Battlefields, Normandy, Bramley Lakes, local theme parks, activities in Norwich, Thetford Forest, Fishing Lakes, Whitlingham Outdoor Centre, North Norfolk Coast and London to take in a West End show. In school students have the opportunity to Build a Go-Kart, be creative with Textiles, make films, play new sports, bake bread, play strategic board games and program Lego robots. Many of these trips will again run in 2020

Many of the activities come with a cost, but there may be financial assistance with these activities if the student is registered as Pupil Premium. Students will need to prove their behaviour is good enough throughout the year in order to be allowed to go on the activities/trips. Particularly with the residential trips, if we feel that the student cannot be trusted to behave appropriately on the trip, then they will not be allowed to go, or removed later if needed.

Activities Week will now incorporate the previous Reward Trips as we believe the exciting choice of different activities in the new Activities Week is an appropriate reward for the hard work of all our students throughout the year. Thus, there will be no separate Rewards Trips.